Who should plan the reunion?

How do you determine who should plan the family reunion? What if not everyone agrees?


- You could take turns hosting and planning the festivities. See who volunteers and go from there.

- We have volunteers at the reunion. If more than 1 person/group volunteers; we take a vote.

- I am usually nominated because I have done it the most, and they know it will get done with out a lot of help. But I suggest voting on nominations given.

- Some families with long-time reunion traditions take turns by way of rotation among the more experienced event planners. Family members with less experience are assigned to assist the veteran event planners and work closely with the planning group or committee. Committees may take a vote if there is a need to rotate the chairperson. Over time two or more are groomed to take the torch of event planning when needed. A part of the training process is taking the time to document the planning process, a family reunion planning guide, if you will, from which the newly appointed event planners can follow. When training the newbies (pardon the pun) use the guide much like an instructor uses a training manual or seminar textbook that way they won’t miss a thing.

- My brother and I decided to take the bull by the horns for the first one. Hoping that someone else will take over in 2 years.

- There are definitely some advantages to having the same person plan every year. You can learn by experience.

- What if not everyone agrees? There will always be someone who disagrees with this and that. To offset disagreements it would be best to form an initial planning group or committee. The more experienced event planners should be involved in this process. Take a vote as to who will serve as chairperson. If this is the first reunion event, family members tend to select the one who took the initiative to call everyone together, organize the initial meeting, pass out the worksheets and provide some very tasty refreshments.

- In the past, the people in the host city are the planners. We vote, majority rules! :)

- Have to be a valid reason not to agree, this is a big job. Those that don't agree, automatically become nominated

- I would not get tired if I received the support needed for it to be the way it should. I ask for help but get the comments of let me know what you need, I want help so volunteer for something. I have two children, one with ED and and single, work full time, so can't think for more than me sometimes.

- I am doing this mostly by myself. I get criticism, and I could care less. I assigned relatives to committees, like food commitee, welcoming committtee. That way most folks feel obligated.

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