Who pays?

Who pays for the invitations and other costs of reunion planning?


- It's included in our dues

- Normally the 'host / planner' of the reunion. Some family members do donate to the cause.

- I initially did an e-vite invitation to send by email, then also mailed a hard copy to those who don't have or read email. Since this is our first one, I didn't mind picking up the cost of getting things started.

- Once it is determined that a reunion will be had, and the planning group/committee is formed, a bank account should be opened and a treasurer appointed to oversee accounts. All dues collected should be put in the account. From that point all purchases should be documented and receipts kept for reimbursement. Initial funds for the treasury can be collected by holding a fundraiser. There should also be a cash-on-hand provided by the treasurer for small purchases.

- I personally make them, very creative, I made a logo using clip art, and either used Facebook, email, or our own reunion website to get word, updates out

- We factor that into our planning costs. Keep a running total and get your money back. It’s one thing to fund it to get it started, but you cannot carry the load.

- I made mine on my computer. I purchased beautiful envelopes from a neighbor that works for a paper supply store.

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