Who do we approach for door prizes and goodies?

by Linette
(Houston, TX)

We are planning a first-time ever reunion in Orlando, FL this August. We need ideas of companies to approach (other than the local Convention & Visitors Burea) for items for our welcome goodie bags, or door prizes. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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May 09, 2011
Ask - and be sure to show the value
by: Lydia

I get this comment/question a lot, especially since everyone seems to be so short on cash these days.

This would be my approach -

1. Figure out what purpose the freebies will serve. Prizes and awards for games? Gifts for special family members? Something to increase attendees' perceived value of the reunion? Conversation starters?

2. Figure out what item(s) will help you accomplish your goal. Do you need small trinkets for everyone? Or maybe 2-3 larger gifts might suffice?

3. ASK. Approach your favorite vendors and ask for donations. Meet in person with someone who can make a financial decision. Dress professionally. Be clear about what you will be using the item for. SHOW THE VALUE. Identify why someone should give you their donation over everyone else who's asking. Make it a point to show HOW THE DONATION WILL BENEFIT THEIR BUSINESS.

The other thing you could do is think through what you're already doing or things you're already using at the reunion and give those as part of the goodie bag.

I'd love to hear what others are doing!

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