When I was a kid...

by DD

We are playing this guessing game at our family reunion this year.

Have everyone answer questions with the phrase WHEN I WAS A KID in front of it. We are using questions like:
favorite TV show, color, hero, candy, holiday; what you wanted to be when you grow up; and
food, chore you hated the most.

I created a document that has 6 or so questions on each sheet and printed it onto several different colors of paper. Use the same number of colors as you will have groups of people. (We usually have about 40 attending and am dividing them up into groups of 5, so I will be using 8 different colors of paper.)

Without explaining why or what you're doing, tell everyone to choose a question and answer it quickly and quietly WITHOUT PUTTING THEIR NAME ON IT. Have them remember what color paper they wrote on, as it will determine what group they belong in.

(I also numbered each of the questions and asked everyone to remember their number - in the rare event that there were duplicates.)

After everyone has answered a question, fold it up and throw it in a basket. Divide everyone into groups by the color of paper they wrote on.

Take the basket around above everyone's heads and have each person pick out one slip of paper. If it is the same color of the group you are in (aka the same color of paper that you wrote on), put it back!

Now, each group tries to figure out who is who. The group with the most right answers wins. We are giving the group that wins a bag full of nostalgia candy.

I hope it works out!

You could adjust the game and questions according to the size of your group.

OH! If the group gets a wrong answer, the real person doesn't have to identify him/herself right away. Play it out to see who is the most interesting and unknown in the family. And give them a prize, too!

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Aug 06, 2013
it was FUN!
by: DD

We used 7 questions and had them write their answers with the opposite hand to make it look like a kid's handwriting and so no one could identify someones handwriting. there was one group that got all the right answers. we had to give them a few hints after a while because some were a little more difficult to figure out. All in all, the family enjoyed the game and was fun figuring out who's who and what they were like as a KID.

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