What fundraisers do you do?

Anyone know of some good fundraisers for next year’s reunion? We’ve already done t-shirts, CDs, baskets.


- I like to try and incorporate family history. What about a black and white framed photo of an ancestor?

- You could auction off several Custom Family Tree Art prints. We can also print your tree on other products, like T-shirts, tote bags and more.

- The photo would be a great idea. I just started gathering my mother-in-laws old pictures to make a family tree book and there are some fantastic ones that I think people would love to have. If they want more than just the picture, you could auction off a book about the family.

- There are so many good ideas here. I would consider something in the keepsake category. Make a quilt using family reunion t-shirts of the past. Print upcoming special occasion greeting cards and sell them in a basket. Make a family reunion memory booklet. Get the family artist to paint or draw a portrait of beloved members. Have a bake sale on the same day. Auction a keepsake journal (if appropriate). Have a meeting and establish an esteemed heirloom complete with official papers of authenticity to be passed on to the highest bidder. In addition, folks love walking away with a whole pie or cake.

- I like the photo idea too especially pictures of deceased relatives

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