What do you do to get the family to act less like politicians?

My family seems to think everything's not fair. When we got together last year we voted for our positions and after I got voted in as treasurer the previous person and her side of the family wrote nasty letters saying that they weren't coming this year because I took her position. How can I fix it?

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Jun 11, 2010
by: Lydia

Unfortunately, I don't know that you can fix the problem, simply because you can't control other people's actions. It definitely sounds like there's a bit of pettiness going on though.

Whatever you do and however hard it may be, take the high road. Continue to be gracious, inviting and kind. Focus on the things that are in your circle of control and let the rest go. In other words, while you can't control how other family members are acting or what they're saying, you CAN control how you react to their comments. Don't buy into the immaturity.

Best of luck to you!! I'd love to know how this one works out. Keep us posted.


PS The other thing I'd recommend is that you become a master of changing the subject! That way, any time someone starts to complain about another family member or starts talking negatively about the family reunion, you can simply change the subject. The conversation starters in the Family Reunion Planning Guide are perfect for this.

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