What do you do if it rains?

What do you do if you have planned an outside event and it rains?

- There isn't too much you can do about nature except, have a plan B. If you’re in a park, see if they can accommodate in the case of bad weather. Or if you are at a hotel and the event is outside, check with the hotel on a banquet room or solarium that will accommodate, too.

- Always, have a plan B. Good luck and pray it doesn't rain.

- Pop up canopies can add a little more shelter. We had the same problem last year. We switched to the gym at the local church.

- By all means have an alternative itinerary for such occurrences. Ask the group to assemble at a dry location and make the most of it. Play indoor family oriented games they cannot resist getting involved with. This goes best when you plan for it. When the sun comes out HEAD FOR THE PARK!

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