What about PayPal?

Collecting fees online is a viable option for many.

Collecting fees online is a viable option for many.

What is a good way to collect funds or money owed? Does anyone use PayPal?


- PayPal is good. You can also ask people to send checks/money orders, if they don't want to pay online.

- PayPal works great for my sister and I. Just make sure you select the "personal" option so that neither party has to pay for the transaction.

- Keep in mind your monthly limit when collecting funds.

- We have eliminated fees altogether. Last year we began having a silent auction to pay for the following year's reunion. We totally covered this year's expenses. We're going to start doing that annually. There were all kinds of things people brought to auction. All the way from re-gifted items up to quilts. And everything you can think of in between! It was fun and there were some good-natured little rivalries going.

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