We Missed You Activity

by DDC
(North Central PA)

Something I want to do at our reunion this year is have everyone in attendance put their fingerpaint handprints on a large piece of posterboard, leaving the center open to place family photo of the group at the event. I'll take a picture of the posterboard with all the handprints and then crop a family photo of everyone in the center. Then I'll print it out and send to each family or family member to let them know they were thought of and missed.

My grandmother was able to attend the first 3 or 4 reunions and I am thankful we got it started before she passed away. We have been having a family reunion for almost 30 years now and only two of seven siblings are still with us. There are several family that are not able or choose not to be a part of it for various reasons, but I think it's important to always make them feel included and share the memories.

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Aug 05, 2013
What a great idea
by: Lydia

I LOVE this idea! As a matter of fact, our family just returned home from a family reunion and I wish that I had done this very activity.

This kind of card is also the very type of project that I highlight in the e-course, "Planning and Printing Family Reunion Memories." I might just have to create a Heritage Makers template and add it into the course! :)

I'd love to hear from others about what you do to keep everyone interested, involved and connected.

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