We had a blast!

by Mary T
(NE Oklahoma)

Background: This is year 18 for my mom's paternal line. We started, & for several years, met in a tent on my parents' farm. We then moved to a small church where we had to eat in classrooms - it was awkward but "doable". Three years ago we moved to a church with a fellowship hall so we could all eat together & where there is a family life center building for the kids to play.

Three or 4 years ago, on the Friday evening before the Saturday reunion, we started what I've labeled "Cousin Cookout". If my mother's health permits, we gather at the farm for a cookout & visiting. This gives us more time to catch up & on Sat, to visit with others. THIS year a cousin none of us had seen in 50 years (not a typo) & his wife were able to come. What a blessing!! as he has very limited information on the family. Only my immediate family was told of his plans -- what fun to surprise the other cousins who attend regularly!! Other cousins new-to-reunion attended as well.

On Sat, for the first time, we played Family Bingo after a covered dish noon meal. My sister found Family Bingo Creator during an on-line search. Using names of those who had attended previous reunions, ancestors, & locations no 2 cards (8x11) were alike. Then we played 2 "righty-lefty" stories for door prizes rather than draw as in the past. One story we adapted to fit "our" family. Everyone enjoyed both games immensely. Because we are centrally located, my branch is host family each year. We have already started planing for 2012...earlier than in previous years, but we want to add to/carry on with the Bingo,etc.

I hope this gives someone else some ideas to be added to or adapted into your plans. I'll keep reading other posts for things we can borrow as well. Happy Reunion Day!!

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Mar 27, 2015
Still playing
by: MaryT

We are planning to use the Bingo again this year - everyone likes it, & I suspect we'd get asked "why" if it was omitted. :o Instead of the lefty/righty game we're doing a picture match up. That's my name for it.....no idea if it has a more "official" name. Depending on how many respond, we will post infant or early childhood pix and adult pix of the same people. Then have everyone try to match the two. Should be fun to see how many of us can do it correctly.

Do need faces showing of course. And I admit I cannot always pick out my mom & aunts from a grade school pix. They looked so much alike at that age.

I hope some of you will try the Bingo game. It is fun & a conversation starter Example: "who's that" Oh, that's gr-gr-gr grandmother.

Have fun!

Mar 23, 2015
Love the idea of personalized bingo!
by: Lydia

I love how you personalized a couple favorites - the righty/lefty game and bingo - to fit YOUR family. Are you still playing the bingo game? I would love to learn and see more. Feel free to post pictures if you can.

Good job!

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Jul 23, 2012
Lefty Righty
by: Mary

Lefty/Righty games are fun stories using the words "left" & "right" many times. Everyone participating gathers in a circle, & as the story is read, an object is passed to the left or right, depending on which word is read. You can either pass the prize, or - as in our case because the prizes were a bit bulky, a smaller object. (We used a ball). My sister found the lefty/righty stories we used on the 'net via Google search, I'm sure.

Most stories will have a few times of the same word being used in rapid succession or switching back quickly. Example: the car veered to left, began to right itself, then strayed to the right, to the left again & right into the ditch. This can be funny! Even our K-4th graders enjoyed the stories. One of the winners was about 5th grade.

I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, post them, & I'll answer as soon as I can. Have fun!

Jul 17, 2012
What are lefty righty stories?
by: Anonymous

Please explain.

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