The Larance Family Reunion of Long Ago

I tell you for sure, our family had a heck of a times at "The Larance Family Reunion."

I remember one time at Lueders reunion - David or Donald Larance (Kenneth's boys) rode their new Harley down here and Billy Joe (deceased) wanted to go for a ride. So David said ok, thinking to himself "Just wait, Bill, you're going for a ride alright!" and onto the harley they climbed. And off they did go.

David just pressed on the peddle and faster and faster until he was up to probably 200 miles per hour! They were going so fast that my brother Bill's hair was blowing straight back. He was laughing and hollering, "What in the world's wrong with you!? I'm never going with you no more!"

Of course he was kidding. It was fun back then. But that is when we were all younger. Now in my family we all range from 82-85. Boy, how time flies. But we still enjoy that time. Which brings to mind OUR LARANCE REUNION, which is September the 8th. It is coming up, you know. We will have a lot of good times like David did with Billy Joe. We really miss him - and Rose, Faye and Herman. And of course our mother and dad. Let's think up lots of things to do and have a bunch of FUN. While I'm not in charge of the reunion, I think Gail Love is. Billy Reynolds volunteered, but then I guess he changed his mind. Oh well. I will hope to see you all, before or on the day of the reunion.

Love to all.
Velma Lou.

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Mar 23, 2015
Sounds fun
by: Lydia

It sounds like you had so much fun! I hope you're still meeting as a family and have continued the tradition of good times together.

May 09, 2012
Times changed
by: Anonymous

Guess I missed that one. We've always lived too far away. That should change since we're both retired & moved back home.

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