The Importance of Family Reunions is Profound

Don't overlook the importance of family reunions! They establish healthy family relationships and are a means of sharing family history stories. When you're planning a family reunion, you're making family memories for everyone involved.

But family reunions - planning OR attending them - can be difficult.

No family is perfect! We all have skeletons in the closet, relatives that drive us crazy, and unresolved issues involving hurt feelings and jealousy. All of us deal with dysfunctional family relationships on some level.

(Just think of those follies as interesting conversation starters!)

Family relationships are not always easy but they ARE always important and worth the effort.

As John Donne said - 

No man is an island.

To be committed to family reunions we must put aside our natural human tendencies and focus on the positive. That's easier said than done - I know 0 but it is critically necessary.

A family reunion can:

increase family interaction

serve as a means to research family heritage

share and perserve family heritage

build family unity

make family connections

foster intergenerational relationships

create family memories

encourage family bonding activities

promote fun for the whole family

share family history informaiton

enable family communication

establish family traditions

change your life!

Understanding the Importance of Family Reunions will help your planning efforts.

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Planning your family reunion will be easier if you understand the family's objectives and reasons for gathering.

And you know what? Sometimes one branch of the family has very different reasons than another. Bluntly stated, you'll find that some family care about family and some simply don't - or at least don't yet understand or seem to care.

As the family reunion planner, you MUST go forward with a strong conviction. Know that what you are doing matters! Family traditions - such as fun family reunion activities - will make a positive difference in your family that will last for generations.

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