Survivor Theme

by Tanya
(Caldwell, Idaho)

One fun reunion idea my sister-in-law did with her family was a "Survivor" themed reunion around the 4th of July. They had all these little competitions each day that at least one person from each family had to be in - like the 4th July 5K, a watermelon eating contest and seed spitting contest, a pancake eating contest, whistling competition, etc. They all had cute t-shirts that said - I Survived the (Name) Family Reunion 2008. It sounded like a lot of fun.

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Mar 23, 2015
Sounds like fun!
by: Lydia

This sounds like so much fun! You could probably use any variety of relay race games in the competition. The last time I tried to coordinate a watermelon seed spitting contest, I learned that it's rather important to purchase watermelons with seeds. ;)

Mar 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think this sounds like a lot of fun. Survivor themes seem to be used a lot (thank goodness for reality TV) but they are always successful, too. I like that the activities were all in good taste. I went to a survivor b-day party once and 3 people from each group had to eat an unknown plate of stuff. Our plate was chosen for us by the number we rolled on the dice. I drew canned oysters. I can't eat fish, so how was I supposed to eat that? My husband drew some other unfortunate thing and ended up throwing up. It ruined the night for us. We both wish the host had kept it light and 15 marshmallows or 3 rolls. All hard to eat but not disgusting. We tried not to be bad sports and tried to "roll" with it but it was hard.

Mar 21, 2009
Love it!
by: Lydia

Great idea, Tanya! Thank you for sharing. I'm all about fun and silly that helps family out of "everyday" mode and get to know one another.

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