"Storybooking" is the process of combining pictures with words. Become the heritage maker in your family by helping relatives discover your family story. Learn how to create a book with pictures of families combined with your family history stories.

Learn how to create a book that will become a priceless family heirloom!

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Wondering how to build a strong family and strengthen family relationships? Try storybooking! It can identify ancestral role models, document family heritage and create a family legacy.

When I discovered how to create a book - a one-of-a-kind, personalized, hard cover storybook – I was estatic! I instantly recognized that storybooking with Heritage Makers could help bridge the generation gap and began building a family history library for my kids.

Not only that, but forget scrapbook shopping! With online photo book software I began scrapbooking our current family heritage by making personalized photo books. If you haven’t heard me say it yet, you will now – I love what I do!

All families have stories. And our family stories, as author Elizabeth Stone says, fasten our identities in place.

They define our traditions and values. Whether we like it or not, we are shaped by them, as our stories give us clues to our family’s organization and define family attributes and culture.

When we identify our family rituals and our family routines, we demonstrate how families work. And –

For better or for worse, and whether we collaborate with our families or not, we are shaped by our families’ notions.
- Elizabeth Stone

So we might as well shape and guide our families with purpose and real intent!

Discover Your Family Story


Wondering how to identify or discover your family story? Ask questions! The family reunion provides the perfect opportunity to question relatives you might not get to talk to on a regular basis.

Establish a few interview questions or interesting conversation topics ahead of time and then seek out the oldest generation.

Storybooking Ideas

Heritage Makers, my all-time favorite personal publishing company, encourages us to keep family stories alive by creating "cornerstone" books. They are the four most important stories in each of our lives –

  • Family – What does it mean to be a member of your immediate family? What are your values and traditions? What matters most to your family? These stories make you and your children proud to be a member of your family.
  • Child – Share the story of your child’s life as an infant. What were your hopes, wishes, and dreams?
  • You/Us – What’s your love story? How did you meet your spouse? What do you love most about him/her? Bring back the memories that made you fall in love. Remember the reason you are together.
  • Grandparent – What do you remember most about your grandparents? Pass those memories to future generations by recording the stories and memories before they fade. These are the people who gave you the foundation for who you are today.

But the cornerstone series is just the beginning. There are so many other meaningful ways to take advantages of the storybooking concept. For example, you could:

  • Create a family memory journal
  • Gather family history stories
  • Outline your family crest history
  • Create a book that tells of a special birthday tradition
  • Research family heritage and create a book outlining your findings
  • Fill a book full of family tree art
    (Wouldn't that make a fun family reunion activity?? Have everyone draw their own version of a family tree!)
  • Gather pictures of families – extended and immediate - and make a personalized photo book
  • Document special family Christmas traditions
  • Write your own life history

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.
- Anais Nin

Storybooking Enriches the Family

The personalized photo books that I’ve created with Heritage Makers’ online digital scrapbook software called "Studio," are definitely family favorites.

I’ve watched the books help build self esteem in the reader and teach family values. It’s fascinating when current family members identify with ancestral role models!

Eventually we come of age and tell the story of our own lives in which the past has become our prologue.
- Elizabeth Stone

I love storybooking and all the projects Heritage Makers offers that can enrich a family reunion. They provide unique family bonding activities.

You are invited to create an account and start creating your own storybooks, playing cards, family reunion games and other projects! Simply go here and look for the "sign up" link in the upper right corner.

The tutorials will help you get started and you're also welcome to contact me any time if you need help or want to learn how to pre-purchase your projects at wholesale prices. I love helping people with their photo projects!

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