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by Stelle

Has anyone ever asked local companies for family reunion sponsorship? How do I get product samples for our family reunion hospitality bags?

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Mar 24, 2015
Individual Invitations
by: Lydia

While it's time intensive and costly, I'm a huge advocate of creating an extensive invitation list and inviting each individual family via a written invitation sent in the mail. You know - the old fashioned way.

Check out the "Invitations & Guestlist" Q&A section for insights from other readers.

And you may find the Invitations portion of the website helpful.

Oct 17, 2014
Same Story, Same Needs, Same Hopes
by: Armstorng Family

My biggest need at the moment is direction. How do I get the word out to all the members of my family and not miss anyone. I tried creating a facebook page, but it would not let me create a page for a group. I'm not that technological savy, but really would like to see my family together again without it being a funeral. I'm willing to do all the work, but need direction. I rented the place. I have the date. Now, how do I invite the family?

Sep 17, 2014
by: Cathy Gray

There was a team of family members that was on board in the planning of our 2015 family reunion. But, things went sour, so with that said we have complete d the hotel reservation. Now, I am trying to get sponsors for the reunion to donate items such as pens, brochures stickers anything that will be good for filling their gift bags. If you can be of any assistance please contact me cathygray62@icloud.com or 404-468-2556. Suggestions on businesses that will donate.
Thank You in Advance
Cathy Gray

Aug 20, 2014
Carter/Tillman Family Reunion
by: Rodney Carter

For the first time ever, a family reunion is on the horizon for the Carter and Tillman families. Scheduled for June 28, 2015 in Wildwood, NJ, this family reunion is sure to impact the lives of over 400 individual planning to attend. The theme is "Peace, Unity, and Cooperative Economics." With this theme, it is hoped to etch in the minds or all attending the necessity and benefits of unifying in peace, while creating opportunity economically through networking, caring, and sharing.

Sponsorship for this event will help it be a huge success - as for the first time in the lives of not only family members, but, also in the lives of those that these moments are shared, which can potentially be in the thousands, "Peace, Unity, and Cooperative Economics" will be realized and celebrated.

This is a request, please do respond, as this event can be a great promotional opportunity for any enterprise.

Thank you

Rodney Carter
Email: r.carter1028@gmail.com
Phone: 8503567165
2327 Shoal Creek Drive
Pensacola, FL 32514

May 07, 2014
need help
by: vicknesha

Hey im nesha and im trying to rasie money for our 1st family reunion I didnt know reunions could be so expensive im only 21 with an ok job and I have a baby but its time for a family reunion im tried of all the drama in my family. I have family members I have never met before. Our family reunion is june 14th if can sponsor us please do so. We will also accept donations

Mar 21, 2014
need sponsor.or donation
by: Jacque Simpson

I'm trying to plan a family reunion for July 4,5,&6 2014 we need a donation or a sponsor to make this event a success this would or could be our last time to get together for our grandmother she is,last one,left and we trying to get this Family Reunion together without a hitch

Feb 14, 2014
How do I get sponsors for a family reunion!
by: Griffin Family

I am planning a family reunion summer 2014, and I need help getting sponsorships. Please help

Dec 13, 2013
Ask, ask, ask
by: Lydia

The best way to get donations and sponsorships is to ASK.

1. Decide what you want - what dollar amount are you asking for and what will it cover?

2. Determine what organizations or individuals you will target. Locate the right person within each organization to ask - or have someone in the organization (or a family member with an inside connection) ask in your behalf.

3. Write a letter clearly stating what you want and why {organization} should give it to you. Point out how THEY will benefit from giving you money or goods. Often times, it's advertising - print their logo on a t-shirt or write up an advertisement for your cookbook.

4. Be sure to say THANK YOU!

If anyone else has ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Dec 01, 2013
How do I get the sponsorships and donations for my family reunion summer 2014?
by: Ms. Brown

I am planning a family reunion summer 2014, and I need help getting sponsorships. Please help

Sep 26, 2012
2013 Baez Family Reunion
by: Anonymous

Can some one help me putting together a letter to ask local companies for giveaway and door prizes for our 2013 Family Reunion. Thanks, Serafina Rosado
e-mail- isara12182hotmail.com

Dec 03, 2010
I asked for doorprizes not sponsorship.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I haven't asked for sponsorship but I have called resturants and asked if they would give me free dinner passes to use as doorprizes. I don't remember How many I got the first year. This past year I had over two Hundred dollars in free dinner tickets. Bob Evans restaurant gave me about 75 tickets for free childrens meals. Some donate and quite a few don't. It doesn't hurt to ask. Have a great day.

May 24, 2010
Corporate $$$$$$$$
by: Anonymous

I did read somewhere that someone put out a family news letter, and major corporations,
bought advertising space.
Not quite the same thing but, just an ideal.

May 24, 2010
Great question!
by: Lydia

As I told Stelle via email, I, honestly, have never had any experience with family reunion sponsorships so I've posted the question here, hoping that someone else can offer us some good tips.

I'd say figure out what you want to have donated, make sure you address the letter to someone who has the authority to make decisions and just ask. If you know someone - or if you know someone who knows someone - at the company, ask them for tips and advice on how to best solicit that particular company. They may be able to deliver the letter for you or put in a good word.

Most companies that make and sell promotional items give out samples. However, they're usually given out with the assumption that you are actually going to make a purchase. So again, just ask. The worst they can do is say, "no," right?

What have you other reunion planners done??


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