Small Blended Family

by Trudie
(Dallas, Texas)

My husband's family reunuion was yesterday. For the past three years, he won't attend, despite efforts from his mom. The family is relatively small (his mom and one uncle) and they are not a close knit family. However, some are striving to be.

We have two kids and two grand-daughters and they may never know all the history simply because my husband's family doesn't even know it. My mother-in-law has been married four times. The third husband adopted all of her 7 kids and changed their last names to his. Needless to say, he's no longer in the picture. So the siblings don't all share the same father. Then there are the step kids (a mess I know).

Regardless, I would like to attend the family reunion but he won't and I don't feel comfortable going unless he's with me.

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Jan 17, 2011
contact info
by: Lydia

Hi Trudie. As per your request, I've been trying to email you to talk about your and your husband's stories but the email keeps getting returned! This is the only way I know to (possibly) contact you. So, if you get this,could you please drop me another note?
Thanks so much,

Sep 14, 2010
Write it.
by: Lydia

Wow. You aren't kidding - what a mess. Commendable that there are at least parts of the family who want to continue to gather though.

And, good for you for wanting to be involved and recognizing the value of sharing the family history with your children and grand children. (Did you know that scientific research indicates that children who know their family history are more grounded because they understand who they are?)

You can encourage your husband to attend, but ultimately, his family reunion attendance is his choice. Maybe you could invite one of your children or grand children to attend with you?

Regardless of who attends or doesn't attend the family reunion, I'd highly encourage you to write down your family history - at least the parts and family stories that you know - so that your family WILL know their history (or at least part of it) when they're ready.

{I'm actually quite passionate about the family history component of reunions. Let me know if you'd like help or suggestions on how to get your stories on paper!}

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