Salmon River - Riggins, Idaho

by Krista
(Post Falls, Idaho)

Rafting the Salmon River was one of our best reunions. Everyone had a blast. The rafts were filled with people having fun, and if you wanted/needed to get away from, say, your sister, you could go to a different raft and still be surrounded by family. The age range went from a 5-year-old all the way to a grandfather who was 70-something. There was camping on a sand bar at night and great food and drink during the day. People could break away from the group in smaller rafts or go for a hike at lunch time. There wasn't so much togetherness that it got tense, plus, all the exercise worked out everyone's frustrations!!

Our family has also had reunions at Branson Missouri, a British Columbia dude ranch, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, and a small lake in Michigan, just to name a few. But my favorite was definitely the raft trip.

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