Rental Facility Issues

How do I handle issues that came up on the day of our Family Reunion at the rental facility with no office staff available. The family was unable to enter the facility at the time we were supposed to. The kitchen was dirty and the caterer had to sweep the floor and clean the sink before they could prepare our food. In the banquet room we had to sweep the floor before the tables and chairs could be set up. The bathrooms were without toilet paper, hand soap or paper towels. The gate was locked to the playground area where our smaller children were to play. There were many inconveniences my family dealt with on Saturday, July 21 and I want to know if I should ask for some type of compensation.

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Jul 24, 2012
by: Lydia

How frustrating!! I'll bet you were at your wits ends. I would have been!

I think it would be perfectly acceptable to ask the rental facility for some sort of refund or discount. At a *minimum* they need to know what difficulties you faced so they can run a better business for other customers.

Does the facility lease space frequently? What kind of agreement did you have? Did you confirm the space?

Ideally, you would have had someone on site there during your event(s) or at least someone to meet you at the beginning. The next best thing would be to have a phone number of an off-hours contact person. (Was there an emergency or after hours contact number posted anywhere?)

In the end, I suppose you can chalk it up to lessons learned. In the future, you know to specifically *ask* who will be there to meet you and/or who you can call the Saturday of the event in case there are issues AND you've learned that you have to confirm, confirm, confirm - even when you think everything is already confirmed.

So much of this depends on your specific location and contract agreement but like I said in the beginning, the facility *definitely* needs to know about everything that you found unsatisfactory.

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