Really "Cool" Ice Breaker Games

by Mostewart
(Bear River City)

We have an Uncle Scott in our family, and anytime a family reunion or party starts getting a little slow, he will get everyone playing "Do You Love Your Relative." It's a high-energy game and injects a little life back into the family reunion.

Here's a couple of our favorite high-energy ice breaker games for your family reunion:


The group sits in a circle with room in the center. The person that is IT
does not have a chair and stands in the center of the circle. IT walks up to one of the people in the circle, points to someone and asks, _________, do you love your relative?? The individual pointed to can say one of two things:

"Yes I love my relatives" (Everyone sitting in the circle must move to a new chair.)

"No, I don't love my relatives but I love everyone _____________________." Fill in the blank with things like- everyone that is wearing green, everyone that likes chocolate, everyone that has a dog or everyone that wears glasses. (Only the people that meet the requirements move to a different chair.)

In both situations, the person that asks the question runs to sit on a chair. The person left standing, without a chair to sit on, is the new IT.


This is such a fun game! You will need a quarter and a set of keys!

Players make two equal teams, facing each other in two long lines. Everyone sits down cross legged (for an older crowd, you could sit in chairs). The two lines should be about 4 feet apart. The game leader sits at the head of the line. This game is played in silence. Begin by introducing yourself to the person sitting on each side of you.

All players
join hands with the person beside them. Everyone closes their eyes except the two players sitting by the leader (the lead players). When everyone has their eyes closed and is silent, the leader flips a coin in between the two lead players. Heads, do nothing. Tails, the lead players squeezes the hand of the person beside them. The squeeze passes as quickly as possible (remember, eyes closed) down the line.
When the last person feels the squeeze, they grab for the keys which are placed in between the last two players. The team who gets the keys rotates...the head player goes to the end and everyone shuffles up one spot. If it was a false alarm, (accidental squeeze of the hands - no calling out "OOPS" allowed!) it doesn't count. Game continues until one team has been completely through its' lineup and the original head player is back at the head of the line.


This great game requires tactical thinking and encourages team work. Instruct the group to form a circle with a 12-inch space between each participant. Once everyone is in place, add a Hoola Hoop to the circle and instruct everyone to pass the hoop between each other and around the circle without it touching the ground. Once it gets to its original position the game is over. To make this game a little trickier add more than one hoop to the circle.

Don't introduce an icebreaker game that will make others uncomfortable- physically or mentally. I HATE games that leave me feeling embarrassed or like a fool. Only choose games that help your family members feel welcome and comfortable at your family reunion.

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