Puzzle Madness

by Wanda - Raines Family Reunion 2005
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

Have everyone sit down and do a count-off by how many puzzles you have. For example, if you have 4 puzzles, have them count off 1, 2, 3, 4. Put a number on a table with the puzzle facing down. Break the puzzle pieces apart, keeping them face down. (How many pieces in each puzzle depends on you and how many people you have. I recommend 25-100 piece puzzles.)

Everyone has to work together to put the puzzle together, with each person connecting at least 3 pieces each. You'll want to monitor the interactions. LOL. It's so much fun watching the older family members and the young minds working together!

When everyone is at the tables with their associated numbers, say "go" and start the timer. The first table to finish gets a prize. Some kind of activity prize that the group can do while at the reunion is best. We did movie tickets. But gift certificates to someplace like McDonalds or a Visa or Mastercard certificate would work well, too.

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