Free Printable Name Tags
For Your Family Reunion

Printable name tags make knowing who's who a breeze!

Name tags may seem silly when you're planning for family reunions but don't under estimate their ability to help relatives engage. And the more people you have in your family and at the family reunion, the more important name tags become. If nothing else, use them as topics for conversation.

As Blogger Joe Kissels says, "It can be uncomfortable to interact with people whose names you don’t know, especially if you see them regularly at work, school, or church."

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your relatives, or if you have lots of people coming to the family reunion who may not know one another, you’ll want to use some kind of nametag. It doesn’t have to be fancy. As a matter of fact, the more simple the nametag, the more likely people will be to wear them.

Always choose a name tag that compliments the general look and feel of your gathering. For a banquet or very special family event, have name badges preprinted and set out in alphabetical order on the reception table before guests arrive. If you’re planning a potluck picnic, use self adhesive labels and ask guests to write their own names with a permanent marker.

Special guests of honor will probably not need a name tag. For example, if it’s Grandma and Grandpa’s 50th wedding anniversary, everyone attending the celebration will know who Grandma and Grandpa are. However, special guests may be flattered with an engraved name tag or other extraordinary measure that will subtlety call attention to their honored status.

Name tags are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Browse your local office supply store for oodles of supplies and templates. Name tags can be worn via magnet, pin, cord, lanyard, ribbon or sticker. But, outside of engraved name tags, there are three basic options.

basic printable name tag options

  1. Lanyard. (The cord or ribbon that’s worn around your neck, similar to a necklace.) Reusable name tags or those intended as a souvenir or for extended wear, work best with a lanyard.

  2. Pin-Back. The most popular style of badge holders come with a pin back and paper inserts. With a home computer and bit of expertise, they are easily personalized and printed on perforated paper. Just be sure that the size of the paper insert matches the size of the plastic badge holder.

  3. Self Adhesive. Labels are the quickest and easiest way to printable name tags. Use a template and/or create a word processor merge file to print them beforehand. Or simply set up a table with labels (plain white or fun) and markers so guests can write their own names as they arrive.

Labels personalized with your family crest, family name or family tree, are perfect for your family reunion.

These free name tags measure 2 1/3" x 3 3/8" and were created based on the plain white Avery 5395 labels. Sign up for the e-zine, download the .pdf and then print onto labels (or paper) for the perfect family reunion printable name tags!

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