Preserve Your Family History!

by Scott Eckley
(Atlanta, Ga)

During our last family reunion we watched a two hour video (DVD) that I had created that documented our family history from about 1900 to 1950. It was narrated by my 82 year old mother who was good at telling stories - her own, or those told to her from her parents/grandparents. I took her narration and combined it with old photographs and home movies. It was fantastic.

A few people - in their eighties now - were in the room that, in the movie, were just young kids. About thirty of us (ranging from 8 to 88) gathered around a large screen TV and watched and listened. You could have heard a pin drop throughout the whole video.

It was a wonderful journey; living the past with her. I learned so much and have so much more respect for her, my family and those that lived during that period of time. I recommend you consider doing something similar. Share it at your next reunion - and take lots of copies. I gave out a dozen of them.

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Jul 12, 2012
You can do it!
by: Lydia

Fabulous idea! Barbara, I'm sure it'll be great! And what a great treasure you'll have when it's finished.

Jul 11, 2012
by: Barbara (in-law)

I am helping my daughters with our family reunion. My husbands parents are both gone now so we are actually celebrating my sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law altho two of them are also gone. We plan on video taping all the siblings separately, asking a variety of questions, putting it to music, and on cd's. This years reunion is over (June--Father's Day Week-end) so we will be starting on it soon. Hope we are able to "pull it off". :-)

Dec 11, 2011
I love this idea
by: Sharron

Me and my family are planning our first family reunion the summer of 2012 and i thought this would be a great idea!!

Oct 04, 2010
Family History Video
by: Carmelia

I really like this idea! My family and I are planning our first family renunion. There are only two of the elders left. I can't wait to suggest it to the planning committee.

Apr 17, 2010
Plan to do likewise:
by: Uncle Bob

Sounds like such a great idea! I plan to do the same for my family. Only three of the seven now living. The living range in age from 77 to 90--I am in the middle. I'm sure we can help our Grandchildren understand the sacrifices made by farm families of the mid-west during the Great Depression. We have had good success in helping them learn our history, tradition and values. Free stuff on how we did it on Keep the good ideas coming.

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