Planning a Family Reunion?

Planning a family reunion starts with a determined family reunion planner. From family reunion themes to summertime recipes, find everything you need for planning a successful event.

Planning a family reunion is fun and challenging, even with the right tools and resources.

If you're lucky, you might have a committee or several other family members to help you with the work. Or perhaps be in charge of just one portion of the event.

If you're a little less lucky - or perhaps generously blessed, depending on how you look at it - you might be in charge of the entire event.

Regardless, whether you're planning a family reunion by yourself or with others, the same basic approach remains the same.

Planning a Family Reunion:
The first 3 Things every family reunion planner should do.

1. Identify the type of gathering you want.

2. Determine a date


3. Decide on a location.

Resist the urge to become overwhelmed! From family reunion themes to free party invitation templates to quick and easy crafts to fun group games, I've provided the resources on this website for you to SUCCEED! You can do this!!

Planning a Family Reunion: Baby Step #1

Determine your style

Begin the planning process by identifying your family's level of interest and generating excitement. Plan activities that will build upon your family's unique talents and characteristics.

Does your family enjoy performing? Coordinate a variety show. Does your family enjoy the outdoors? Plan a camping trip. Is yours a proper family that enjoys fine dining? Arrange a formal banquet at a fancy hotel. Are you athletically inclined? Center your reunion around a community 5K or basketball tournament. Think outside the box.

Use an informal survey to gather input and feedback from relatives. Find out what they want to do and what they think would be fun. Ask questions that will help identify family priorities and interests. The more information you have, the easier it will be to plan a reunion that everyone will want to attend.

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Work through the family reunion planning process by
focusing on three phases of printed materials.

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Consider various family reunion themes and the general feel that you want the reunion to have.


Be realistic about reunion expenses and share the cost estimate with family.

All family reunions should include

  1. An initial ice breaker activity, social or time to get reacquainted.
  2. Some sort of meal or food.
  3. A family meeting or program. (This is your chance to discuss family business and decisions that need a "vote" from each family member. It's NOT the time to air dirty laundry.)
  4. An interactive, fun group activity.

Planning a Family Reunion: Baby Step #2

Take a look at the calendar.

Planning a successful reunion starts 1 to 2 years in advance. Don't kid yourself - it takes a long time to gather input, negotiate contracts, assemble mailing lists, print materials and plan for fun. Plus, your family will appreciate advanced notice so they can prioritize activities and make necessary travel plans. Keep an eye on your overall planning timeline.

When choosing a date, think first about what will work best for YOU, as the family reunion planner. Next identify 2-3 different dates that would work well so you can give others choices.

Most family reunions are held during the summer when school's out. However, gathering around the holidays, during spring break or in conjunction with another family event is a viable alternative. Many times your date will be contingent upon location availability.

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Work through the family reunion planning process by
focusing on three phases of printed materials.

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Planning a Family Reunion: Baby Step #3

Get out the map.

Before you can reserve an adequate facility, you must know:

  • Approximately how many guests do you expect to attend?
  • Do you need overnight accommodations? Will reservations be made through the family or will individuals be responsible for their own arrangements?
  • What sort of kitchen and/or dining facilities do you need?
  • Is a separate meeting area required?
  • What kind area(s) do you need for your type of gathering? (For example, if relay games for the kids is an important family reunion element, you'll want to make sure there is an area sufficient for running and playing.) You'll likely always need a safe place for the grandkids to play and a comfortable spot for the adults to visit.

Frequently, family reunions are held in either a central geographic location or the town of the reunion planner. Meeting at "Mom and Dad's" or the family homestead is also a logical choice (if there's enough room for everyone).

Planning a Family Reunion: The Next Steps

The first few baby steps to making family memories are:

  1. deciding the type of gathering you want,
  2. determining a date, and
  3. settling on a location.

Now, it's time to move along the event planning timeline and make more decisions. You will decide length of time, who should be invited, what activities you want to do, how to handle the financial aspects of planning a family reunion and more.

The last step is moving into action. Create a master checklist of everything there is to do. Use an event planning timeline and family reunion planner e-book to help you stay on track.

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