Personalized Family Tree Gifts
with Meaningful Quotes

Personalized family tree gifts combine meaningful quotes with pictures of families or individuals. This family tree craft is viinyl wall décor that's perfect for family reunion gifts.

Looking for personalized family tree gifts? Look no further!

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Lacey! She has her own business doing vinyl wall lettering and we’ve been brainstorming!!

We’ve been looking for a way

... to combine family sayings or meaningful quotes

...with some sort of family tree art that would

... give people NEW ideas for a family reunion.

Everyone is always asking me how to make a family tree. And family reunion poems and family sayings are just plain fun.

So... Why not combine the two and put words on walls for the family reunion?

Look what Lacey came up with - a hanging tile with scroll, knobs and picture holders. I think it's great!


A real ceramic is way too heavy and you wouldn't want to risk it falling off your wall.

The tile here LOOKS ceramic, but it's not. The tile portion measures 12" x 12". Add the metal scroll at the top and pictures at the bottom and the entire piece measures 14" tall.

The whole thing weighs approximately 1 pound - light enough to hang on your wall with a push tack. You could also hang on a nail or over a door knob or hook.

You can order a customized family tree scroll directly from Lacey's website, Strawberry Pearl.

And, if you find yourself loving the concept of putting family sayings or other words on the walls, want to display your family crest and history in a unique way or looking for other meaningful gift ideas...

you have options!

Lacey can tailor products to your specifications and is a joy to work with. Feel free to ask her about making family reunion logos or any other ideas for family reunions that you have, too.

A few more ideas for personalized family tree gifts

For a completely different style of family tree art, check these out! I love them.

If you want to do a family tree craft yourself, I'm a fan of this one that the kids made at our family reunion. I talk more about it and many other projects you can do to make your family reunion more meaningful and memorable as part of the e-course, Planning and Printing Family Reunion Memories.

Website reader Elizabeth Knaus makes these family tree charts and sells them on Etsy. She shares her ideas here.

And then there's the idea of planting a real tree! You can bet that would be a meaningful and memorable gift.

I also have to give a shout out to Thanks to the information that other family members have already input, I can get a free printable family tree chart of my own family - already filled out - with almost zero effort. I can also generate an amazing fan chart. If you're serious about researching your family history and identifying ancestors, this is an absolute must-know resource.

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