Patriotic FUN and Memorial

We had a red, white, and blue theme for our reunion last year.

Told everyone to wear their patriotic colors and we celebrated and honored our family veterans.

Made a special game for everyone to score points for the most stars on their clothing, if they have a flag flying at home, if they had visited their state or US capitol, etc. Our prizes were all American.

We also made a photo booklet with all our military family members in uniform with their information as far as what branch, years served, locations of service, ship(s), division(s), war(s)they were serving. We made copies of these and gave each veteran or loved one (spouse) of the veteran a copy.

Best reunion thus far. Very moving.

We sang patriotic songs and hung a big flag for a backdrop for pictures.

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Aug 05, 2013
Well done
by: Lydia

I love the thought and planning that went into your reunion! It's no wonder the event was so meaningful. I imagine that pulling all of the veteran information and pictures together was quite the task - but GOOD FOR YOU for doing it because I guarantee that's the kind of project that makes a huge difference and creates lasting family bonds.

I also love how communicating a simple idea - everyone wear red, white and blue - added so much to the reunion. THAT is a perfect example of how important it is to PLAN and COMMUNICATE *before* the reunion. It's more than just "show up"... as planners, we *have* to give people a reason to be there and something to do.

Well done!

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