My family is out of the country

How can you do a family reunion with family in another country and here?

- I think you need some family members who live in that country to be on the planning team. You can give them the logistics, because they are there and can do the leg work.

- One year have it here and the next have one in the other country. But before you start that up, I would check the pulse of the state side family members. Are they even interested in going? And are willing to make a commitment? So that all of your work does not go to waste. Then you can make a decision.

- The first part of the year go to one country and the end of the year go to the other.

- One year a few of our family members couldn't come so we did some online video conferencing so we could at least all visit for a while

- Depending where the majority of your family lives, I would have it there, and try to have fund raisers to help with expenses. Or have one held in simulcast, and connect via internet, to say grace, toast, and introduction.

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