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Planning & Printing Family Reunion Memories

This 5-day e-course is for anyone interested in, curious about or has had experience with digital personal publishing.

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This course is for -

  • the family reunion planner or attendee who wants to incorporate photos or add something special to the family reunion
  • grandparents, parents and/or children who have photos sitting on computers, phones and/or in boxes and drawers
  • people looking for unique and meaningful gift ideas
  • individuals interested in digital scrapbooking, photo books or personal publishing
  • teachers, homeschoolers, mothers of new babies
  • anyone who wants to document or share their own life story
  • anyone who wants to bond families, bridge generations or build relationships

How much does it cost?

Nothing! This e-course is absolutely free.

Yes, this course is project based. And, yes, you will be encouraged to spend money to have your special family reunion projects professionally printed. But you don't have to. The e-course itself is, like I said, absolutely free.

I'll be specifically highlighting projects done with Heritage Makers, but if you wanted to, you could take the same concepts and recreate them elsewhere as needed.

If you DO decide to give Heritage Makers a try, a basic account is FREE, I am available to help with your projects, and I will give you FREE publishing dollars to make your first greeting card. Rest assured that you will find competitive pricing for premium products.

But, ultimately, YOU get to make the decision on if and where to have which projects printed.

How long is the course?

This e-course is 3 days long. Each day, you will receive an email with project pictures, descriptions and ideas. You will be able to work through each day's information at your own pace.

How do I sign up?

Simply enter your information in the form below. Once you submit your information, you will receive a DAY ONE email.

Be aware that you will be asked to confirm your e-course enrollment. This ensures that I'm not spamming you!

What does this course include?

The content of your e-course is outlined as follows:

Day 1 - What needs to be - or could be - printed and used BEFORE the reunion

Day 2 - Items that could be printed and distritubed or used DURING the reunion.

Day 3 - Projects that can be printed AFTER the family reunion.

Is the course safe?

Yes! I absolutely hate email spam and respect your email privacy!

Ready? Then it's time to enroll!

FREE E-Course: Planning & Printing Family Reunion Memories

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