Memorial Dove Release

by Paula Murphy
(Elberta, Alabama)

 Reunion Dove Released

Reunion Dove Released

I own Whitewings of Gulfwinds a white dove release service company. I usually provide doves for weddings and funerals but, I recently was asked to provide doves for a family reunion. I had never been asked to do a reunion and was excited to see what they had planned.

At the opening of the reunion celebration the Andrews Family had a tape of an instrumental version of Wind Beneath My Wings playing softly as they read the names of the family members who had passed on. After all the names were read they all spoke the words gone but not forgotten and then we released 3 white doves which represented the Holy Trinity flying off to Heaven.

It was a beautiful tribute to their family members no longer with them. After which the reunion celebration began with food, music and fellowship.

I look forward to being a part of the next reunion dove release. It was a memorable day for me.

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