Make a Word Search Puzzle for the Family Reunion

Did you know that you can make a word search puzzle specific to YOUR family reunion? Games and family reunion activities should be meaningful. And a personalized puzzle or two would be a great addition to your family reunion.

You have probably done some sort of puzzle before and chances are that you enjoyed it. When you combine the thinking experience of puzzling with the potential for interaction with your family at the reunion, you’ve got the best of both worlds – individual family members working together to solve a problem.

While you can also make your own jigsaw puzzle, we will focus here on how to make a word search puzzle. (Have you ever seen a custom photo puzzle? They’re awesome!)

Can you solve these wuzzles?

There are many different kinds of word puzzles. For example:

  • Crossword. Words can be spelled up, down or across. Fill in the answers based on clues.
  • Word search.  Find specific words in a jumble of letters
  • Wuzzles. Images, often a combination of letters and numbers, that portray common sayings (I love these!)
  • Logic Puzzles. Find the right combination of options, such as who belongs to what and where; usually solved with a grid and story based clues.
  • Commonyms.  A group of 3 words with a common trait
  •  Hink Pinks. Rhyming word riddles; the answer is always two words that rhyme with each other.

The thing I love about using puzzles for family reunion games is that they can serve a real purpose beyond just having fun. They can help make your reunion meaningful, especially if you plan ahead. For example –

  • Use them as team building ice breakers
  • Incorporate getting to know you questions 
  • They make good conversation starters
  • Use them to honor a particular person ("in memory of grandma," for example)

Puzzles are great for almost any environment and virtually everyone can play. Family reunion activities that are fun for the elders AND young children are hard to find. But solving puzzles together works. It’s a great way to foster intergenerational relationships.

What you have to consider is – How can you make a word search puzzle that will be meaningful and personal to YOUR family? 

Here’s a quick crossword puzzle that I created using based on family trivia.

As you search the web for additional family reunion games and puzzles, you’ll find that there are a TON! I love the many, many free printable word puzzles on

And Terry Stickles, who created this free printable, Challenging Coin Puzzles, is also a favorite. 

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