Leonor Clan Logo

by Elmor Earl F.Leonor
(Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines)

Each symbol in LEONOR CLAN logo represents something deep for each clan members.

The EAGLE looming at the back of the logo represents the clan member's dream and ambition in life.Whatever challenges that might come in their lives they will survive and will keep their faith alive.

The WHITE SASH that is placed on the upper side of the logo represents peace in the hearts and minds of each clan member.

The SUN'S RAYS are a sign of hope for the future generation. The rays serve as light as the clan member journey through the dark path of life. They also remind the clan members of the mission of our ancestors: To serve God by being a beacon of light, a bridge of understanding, a tower of integrity, a legacy of hope, and a castle of realized dreams.

The SHIELD is symbolic of protection,guidance and formation of character.

The RED and BLUE colors of the shield represent peace and bravery.They also represents the clan's love for country. That is, as a member, we can be an asset to the community.

The HANDSHAKE denotes brotherhood that strengthens the tie that binds all the members of the clan. It also represents the passing on of the legacy of values from those who influence the lives of the clan members to the clan members then to the next generation.

The STARS that surround the shield denote determination, faith, and hard work to reach success in life.Its light always remind the member of the clan to follow our duties as family members and our obligations as servants of God.

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Apr 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Very inspiring...God bless you all!

Apr 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

One of a kind!

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