Last Minute Registrants Want to Pay Less

Why do the same family members wait until the last minute (July 16 and event is July 21)to say they are going and want to pay less because they won't receive a t-shirt or enough food to eat.

We always have a package deal, one price for the entire event. We never split the price and say the location of the event will cost you $20 the cost of the event is $25 and the t-shirt cost $7.

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Jul 23, 2012
We all have them
by: Lydia

I have NO idea but don't they drive you crazy?? I'll tell you what though - we've all got them. The family members that say they care, that say they value family but, for whatever reason, don't act accordingly. For those of us who DO value family, it's a concept we have a hard time grasping.

Depending on your mood (and/or patience), it might be worth contacting that notoriously late family directly next year. Give them some individual attention (and pressure) early on. It just might save next year's planning committee the same headache that you're currently experiencing.

Anyone else have ideas or similar experiences?

Oh! Here's one more thought - depending on your family culture, this may or may not work...

What about turning registration into some sort of game? The LAST family branch to RSVP will be the FIRST ones in the dunking machine. Something of that nature.

You could also incorporate some purposely astronomical late fees. But that might build bitter feelings and resentment.

Whatever you do, I wish you much luck!!

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