Koinania Cottages - Black, Missouri

We have held family reunions here and everyone has enjoyed the fishing in the small stocked lake and swimming down by the "swimming hole," which is actually a huge gravel bar beach with a 1/2 mile of private river frontage. We swim, catch crawdads, float around, explore and fish. It is awesome!!! We also enjoy campfires and play games like football and croquet. Everyone enjoys that.

The accommodations are great. Each family could choose from a small cabin or RV or a house with 3 bedrooms. Camping is available for overflow.

It is so close to great floating on the Black River. Although it is not ON the Black River it's just a 15 minute drive to Lesterville. Johnson Shut ins, Taum Sauk, Fort Davidson and Elephant Rocks State Parks are nearby, too, for great day trips.

Check them out at http://mocabins.com

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