Family Reunion Kids Pool Party

Find kids pool party ideas, swimming pool games for kids, and other fun pool party ideas for the family reunion.

swimming pool

In the summer one place that people go is the swimming pool. It's where you can get wet, have fun, splash around and play. So it’s understandable that…

Pool games for kids could equal a group of happy cousins at the family reunion!

A party within a party

If your family reunion has access to or will be near a swimming pool, check out these pool party ideas and tips.

You could plan a kids pool party before the family reunion as part of the reunion activities. OR, you could wait until everyone has arrived at the reunion and then let the kids plan their own pool party.

1. Pick a theme

A pool party for kids could have its own theme or carry on whatever family reunion themes you've already chosen.

We decided a pirate theme or hawaiian luau theme could develop into some pretty fun party games at the swimming pool. Basically, anything to do with water could become a party theme for a pool or beach party.

2. Invitations

Second, you need invitations. Think creatively and go along with your chosen theme.

For example, a pirate-themed invitation might read:

"Arr matey! Ye are invited to this pool party over yonder, landlubber!"

As long as your invitation makes sense, a little creativity can REEL IN (nudge, nudge) relatives aplenty.

For tips on wording and other suggestions, check out the invitations page here.

3. Games

A party's not a party without games!

For a pirate-themed party, we thought it would be fun to dive for treasure or have a swim noodle sword fight.

If you're going with a Hawaiian luau, you could try a shell search (in or out of the pool), musical beach towels (just like musical chairs only you use towels instead of chairs), or fish fish shark (like "duck duck goose" only with different words and IN the water).

Check out all the fun games on this site and adapt a few to work in water.

If you have ideas of your own for cool family reunion games or fun pool games, please share!

4. Don't forget the food

Even when the kids pool party is a party within a party, food is still a great addition, especially if it's theme-related. A small treat or snack can go a long ways.

Final Touches

Any trinkets or inexpensive party favors that you can share will add to the party.

What ideas do YOU have? Whether it's about games, favors, food or whatever else, we'd love for you to share!

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