Kids activities were a hit!

by Lydia

this picture craft doubled as a reunion souvenir

this picture craft doubled as a reunion souvenir

There were a lot of good things that happened at our family reunion but one of my favorite was the kids’ activities. This year we had 16 kids at the reunion and they were mostly the same age. The oldest was 10 years old. Before the reunion, I asked each set of parents to bring with them one activity of some kind for the kids. It could be a song, game, craft or whatever, as long as they brought with them everything they needed for the activity and were in charge of it.

The reunion was 4 days long so each day, the kids who wanted to were able to participate in 1-2 organized activities. It was an excellent way to break up the day and keep the kids interested. It also gave each set of parents the opportunity to interact with the kids and it gave the other parents a bit of "time off."

Activities included a family tree picture craft, treasure hunt, kids Olympic relay games, t-shirt painting, pet rocks and sparklers. It was the perfect combination of free time verses organized time for the kids.

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Jul 09, 2010
Activity Comments
by: Anna

I am Lydia's sis-in-law, Anna. I wanted to pop in and say how much fun the kids activities were. I think it really broke the day up for kids. They could run around and play, then take a break doing an activity, then they were all ready to run and play some more.

It was really nice. I also noticed that we really didn't need to announce, "Hey kids... time for the activity." We just went and set up out where they could see us, and they eventually meandered on over. Very low-key. Very fun.

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