Is that you? Or is it me?

by Mary T
(NE Oklahoma)

This year my sister came up with something we'd not done before. Emails went out to all for whom we had an email address. For those without a computer, we made a phone call or two. We requested a "current" picture and a "younger" picture of each one who had attended a reunion in the past. Then she and I put the "current" pictures on poster board and numbered them. (We included 3 of the older generation that have passed away since we started 20 yrs ago.) The "younger" pictures were on separate poster board and lettered - but not in the same sequence, of course! We supplied an answer sheet with each of the "current" pictures identified. The object of this activity was to see how many you could accurately match. We had 68 sets of pictures.

If you decide to do this, be sure to:
(1) start at least 2 months before the reunion date
(2) set a firm deadline.

Otherwise, you will be rushing and more prone to mistakes and someone will ask the day before, "Can I still give you a picture??" Be sure you proof everything twice, and then do it again - twice.

We were pleasantly surprised that not one person grilled us as to why we requested the pictures. The explanation of "we need/want them for reunion" was all the answer we gave when one or two asked.

It was a lot of work, but we enjoyed it. Those who participated enjoyed it, also.

Our gathering is largely people over 45 years old so a lot of activities cannot be used. But even our younger family members wanted to try! And it's perfectly okay for 2 or 3 to compare notes. The purpose of the game, after all, is FUN!

Hope this will spark an idea or two. If you know of some twists or variations to this, I hope to hear about them.

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Sep 25, 2015
Love it!
by: Lydia

I love this kind of game. It's great for introverts and extroverts as well as young and old. Plus, I personally LOVE pictures of all kinds so that's an added bonus! :)

Thank you for sharing!!

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