I'm planning by myself. How do I get family motivated?

by Angie

I am the only family member in my homestate planning a family reunion. So I have little help with the exception of a few friends, and they can only do so much.

The date set for my family reunion is July 11-13, 2014

I will give you a little history based on the past family reunions I have been to.

Majority of the family member adults are aged from 45 and younger; children 17 and younger; very few adults aged 58 and older.

My family has a bad habit of sending their reunion money late which making planning a nice reunion very difficult.

How do I get a nice letter to them to motivate them so we can have a very nice experience? I am tired of the budget type family reunions they are getting boring and how do I attract the family members who don't come?

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Feb 05, 2013
Forge ahead
by: Lydia

Keep in mind that no matter how stellar or grand or fun or amazing or complete the planning is, there will always be someone unhappy with something and family members that don't make it a priority to attend.

That said, I think you forge ahead as best as you know how. That's all anyone can ask of us or that we can ask of ourselves.

In general, people like to attend events for which they have a vested interest. How could you get your extended family more involved? Perhaps there are parts of the reunion planning that you could delegate, such as food, children's games or making a family directory. Or maybe there's a project that would connect family beyond the reunion, such as a recipe book, family game or website.

It sounds like, with the ages of your family members, that you could do some really fun things and have some great active adventures. Maybe think of 2-3 places you'd like to go or things you'd like to do that YOU would enjoy and be willing to put together, and then present those options for discussion NOW for a 2014 reunion, or the next time you think you'll get together. You could send out a survey or start a Facebook conversation.

I like to encourage reunion planners to incorporate activities into the reunion that will help build and strengthen family relationships throughout the year, not just at reunion time. It's my opinion that the more an extended family knows one another and the more fun they can have at reunions and family gatherings, the more they'll want to get together. It's a process. So take the "big picture" view and think about how your current planning efforts will influence future generations.

Best of luck to you!!

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