Need Ideas for Scrapbooking
your Family Memories?

Ideas for scrapbooking can be found all over the web, as well as in magazines and books everywhere.

As a matter of fact, it's a little overwhelming for beginners!

Scrapbooking has grown from a single store in Utah that opened in the early 1980’s to an exploding industry.

family heritage scrapbooking kit
Family History Kit by K&Company

documenting memories by combining photographs,
text, souvenirs and other embellishments
in a visually pleasing format.

Research done by the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), host of the largest craft and hobby tradeshow in the world, indicates that crafting, including scrapbooking, is fueled by consumers wanting a means of self expression and a way to personalize gifts.

According to Creating Keepsakes Magazine, scrapbooking is now even more popular than golf. These days, one out of every four households in the U.S. participates in some form of scrapbooking.

While scrapbooking your family memories isn't the right solution for everyone, it can be ONE answer for how to document and remember your most favorite family moments.

Traditional vs. Digital

One of the things I love about family scrapbooking is the amazingly beautiful papers and embellishments that the industry offers. While I don’t consider myself a traditional scrapper, I do love to occasionally use scrapbooking supplies for special projects. Sometimes I find myself drooling over a particularly beautiful piece of paper for no reason at all!

family reunion scrapbooking paper family tree scrapbooking paper
Family Reunion scrapbooking paper
by Flair Designs
Family Tree scrapbooking paper
by It Takes Two

Digital scrapbooking is more my style. Digital scrapbooking is just like traditional scrapbooking only all the "paper," "ribbon," "stickers," and other embellishments are digital images and clip art. Instead of cutting and gluing with scissors, you drag, drop and paste with your mouse. Instead of having an album to look at when you’re finished, you have an electronic file (that can either be viewed solely via electronic means OR printed out).

Especially for beginners, scrapbooking can be anything you want it to be. If you love to spend time creating beautiful pieces of artwork, go for it. If you prefer to focus more on quickly getting your photos into an album, that’s okay, too.

Resources & Kit Clubs

magazine has oodles of ideas for scrapbooking as well as tips, techniques and resources.

Beginners know that scrapbooking can be intimidating and overwhelming! So if you’re just starting out scrapbooking family memories, or trying to determine if this hobby is your cup of tea, you might want to experiment with a scrapbooking KIT.

family reunion scrapbooking kit

"It's All In The Family" Heritage Paper Pack
by It Takes Two
Online scrapbooking kit clubs sell a wide variety of supplies together so that your products already mix and match. Kit scrapbooking is way easy because it takes the pressure off of those of us who enjoy being creative but don’t quite know where to start or how to pull so many product choices together in a cohesive manner. Also, kit clubs typically offer great page templates, layout ideas, message boards and galleries that can help inspire and motivate you, too.

How do you find a kit club? Check out , which lists the top best online scrapbook sites on the web. Sites are ranked according to their daily traffic.

I love that family gives scrapbooking so much purpose and that scrapbooking makes family memories so fun to remember.

If you’re specifically looking for ideas for scrapbooking a family reunion, family heritage or family history scrapbook, you're in luck because there are plenty of amazing products available! I love them all.

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