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I was quite intrigued from the very first time I heard of human piñata. How in the world would that work??

Every time a birthday or celebration of any kind comes around, my kids are quick to suggest a piñata, so I figured human piñata would surely fit within our other family reunion activities and fun group games.

And, no, I'm not talking about making a Halloween costume - although I have seen some pretty creative ones!

And, no, I'm not talking about actually hitting a real human with a stick!

This mouse paper mache piñata was SO hard the kids couldn't even break it!
The adults finally had to help break through the many layers of dried newspaper paste.
two men with candy on their shirts, ready to be a human piñata

the game of Human Piñata

The idea here is quite simple: attach candy to someone's clothing and let the kids pull it off.

Check out the video - 

candy tips

We tried all types of glue and found that hot glue held the best. And, because you're gluing the candy, make sure you choose wrapped pieces that are less likely to melt. The miniature boxes worked especially well - except that the raisins were the last items to be pulled off the shirts!


While there aren't any real instructions, here's what we did to create the game. It was definitely one of the kids' favorite family reunion activities.

  1. With a hot glue gun, secure several pieces of wrapped candy on an old t-shirt.

  2. Find an unsuspecting uncle or two and ask them to wear the shirts.

  3. Tell the kids they can have all the free candy they want - if they can catch it.

  4. Watch the uncles try to hid from and then be tackled repeatedly by hyper children.

  5. Laugh as they all expend great amounts of energy. 

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