How to handle cooking over a multi-day reunion

What is the best way to handle cooking and meals over the course of a multi-day reunion?

- simple foods ...

- Use a catering service.

- We are doing a 3 day. Hot dogs and hamburgers one day, roasting a pig on another and potato bar on the third.

- Fresh fruits, granola bars, cheese and crackers, humus, cheese balls, sandwiches.......

I'm not sure if you are speaking about a dinner or light snacks in your hospitality room or a picnic outside.

- catering, potluck, fend for self

- I hired my brother, a personal chef, who will with my assistance, prep, then cook both lunch and dinner at the park for us

- CATER.....I want to participate in the reunion! By the time you settle in, the event is over.

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