How should I display our family tree?

In preparation for the Family Reunion in July, we are interested in doing a Vertical Family Tree at the Banquet Conference on Saturday and I am struggling on the best method to do this which is visible to everyone as they walk around and place their names under the appropriate family member. The Family Tree will be based off of my Great-Great Parents who had 11 children, of which only 8-9 still have present day descendants. Any ideas you’ve tried at your reunion? We do want persons to see the Family Tree posted on the wall. They would place their name under one of the 8-9 siblings. This visual, I believe, gives persons the understanding of the many branches under a family tree.


- We could create Custom Family Tree Art with all the names that can be displayed at the reunion. You could even give everyone a copy.

- What kind of venue are you in? You could do it the old fashioned way... with an overhead projector, project an image of a tree onto the wall covered w/ paper or perhaps a large sheet. Trace the tree. Put the projector away. Label each of the branches and then give each family member a leaf w/ their name that they can place on the tree.

- I am using This upcoming reunion I will be producing leaflets that will be included in the goodie bags.

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