How often do you meet?

How often is 'normal' to have a family reunion?


- We have one every year. I'm not sure what "normal" would be.

- I don't believe there is a set time that you should have a reunion, it's up to the family. My family has one every two years.

- Growing up, my grandparents would do one every three years.

- We have one every year the 2nd weekend in July

- My in-laws have one every year. My grandparents go every 3 years because we are more spread out and there are a lot of us!

- Depends on your family and how often they want to have it.

- I would say once every two to three years. But it depends on the family.

- We do it every 2 years.

- I think it depends on your family...when we started it was every five years...then my oldest relative wanted it every 2 years...and now we have them every year

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