How do you split room/bed/facility costs?

by Lauren

What is the best way to split and share the cost of rooms, beds and the facility?

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Sep 24, 2015
The best you can
by: Lydia

In the ideal world, all of our families would have a wealthy benefactor so none of us pays. But that's the ideal world and few families are so fortunate.

Most of us have to figure out a way to pay for expenses on our own or how to split them as fairly as possible.

There are two lines of thought regarding splitting the cost of rooms/beds:

1. Charge each family branch for the cost of their sleeping room. If you're sharing the cost of a facility or renting a banquet hall, divide the total cost by the number of family branches.

This line of thought works well for family branches with families of approximately the same size.

The second option requires more math and is based upon number of individuals rather than number of families.

2. Figure out a cost per bed or cost per person and use that figure to calculate how much each family owes based on how many people are in their family.

For example: You're renting a large vacation home for a set cost. Joe and his wife have 5 children and want 2 bedrooms. Joe's sister, Sally, and her husband don't have any children and need only 1 small room. So you divide the total rental price by the number of rooms (or beds) and come up with a "per room" (or "per bed") price. Then times that number by how many people are in each family to calculate that family's portion of the total cost.

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