How do you split costs? Especially if someone can't afford it.

What do you do when just one family branch doesn't want to participate in a particular reunion activity because of associated cost? Split the total cost between the remaining family branches and exclude the one family?


- You could have some group activities that are free/inexpensive and then if there are things that are more expensive, families can participate as they wish. While it's fun to be around everyone all of the time, it's not completely necessary to be together 100% of the time.

- Personally, I don't like to use that word, "exclusion" when referencing family. It's all about including everyone. With money being a real issue for many of our family members, you must find another activity or a way to offset the cost.

- You can have raffles, bake sales, car washes, etc., to help with the cost.

- If that one family is not coming to the reunion at all, then they should not have to pay for anything. If they ARE coming, then they should have to pay their share

- Throw an auction! Get some items, like prints of your Custom Family Tree Art, and auction them off to help with the costs. From carved canes, to bottled peaches, everyone can bring items to contribute to the auction.

- I am planning on having activities each day that don't cost money for everyone to participate in and then give other people information on what else is available in the area if individual families want to go and do things
on their own.

- 1. First determine if cost is really the issue. It may be that one or two from the other branch just want to be more involved in the planning process. 2. Present less costly alternatives that are more local to the other branch. 3. Try to reduce costs to the inclusion of the other branch. 4. Throw a fundraiser to raise money to reduce fees. 5. If all else fails encourage and assist the other branch in planning their own event on a different date. Invite a select representative number of family members from your branch to attend the event of the other branch. You may even decide to take a photo or video giving your branch the opportunity to say hi and well wishes on the branches family reunion event. A gift may also be presented to the elders of the branch.

- Depending on what it is, I think I would consider a less expensive alternative.

- I’m having that issue, because children older than 13 are paying $35 same as adults, but I am not marking anything up, so we opened the reunion to others, and are make arrangements with the others to help buy the food in exchange for lower rate

- Wow, don't we want everyone to participate? That is what makes this event so rich. I would try to talk to that family personally, not calling them out, and asking if there is some way that they can help by supporting with work, folding papers, working the welcome table, etc.

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