How do you offset reunion costs?

Does anyone have a work it off program that they have used for family members who cannot afford the reunion cost? That they would be to work off the cost during the family reunion, by doing support activities?


- My husband's family has done this. It is a great program that enables everyone a chance to get to the reunion without finances becoming a main concern.

- Anything that they can do or provide that will save costs is a great way to contribute. Maybe they know someone who will let you use something you would have had to rent otherwise.

- Many families simply ask them to help out in planning and organizing the event where man-power is needed. Others enter an "attend now pay-later agreement."

- You could also throw an auction to offset costs for the whole reunion. Everyone can bring items to contribute to the auction. Every year my mother-in-law’s jam is a hot item. Everybody can find something to contribute, even golf balls carved to look like faces get a lot of bids at our reunions. Those who can afford to pay more, do. They get something in return as well.

- Make a Family cook book, and sell it, with proceeds going towards next year’s reunion.

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