How do you involve the young adults?

Does anyone have any great ideas for getting the young adults to engage in the family reunion events? Last year we were in Atlanta, and by the time evening came, that age group wanted to go off and party, etc. They also missed some of the daytime activities because they were sleeping in. Any thoughts?

- Inviting them to oversee a particular activity (s) for 15-30 minutes and pair them with a cousin that they know and one that they may not know. If they are close in ages, believe me, they will interact. Also, if any of the young adults have small children, include games that they play together. They win as a team and that's always encouraging.

- Children and young adults thrive when the feel engaged and a part of things. When they are involved in creating the itinerary and engaging activities many remain are more apt to stick around and even draw closer to older and younger family members.

- Have someplace where they can swim, or be on a boat, or dance, or if all else fails, Karaoke.

- I made it where there was things for my age group, like music, that both my age group and the older folks both like. Have games. Ask them to help out.

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