How do you get people to attend?

How do you get people to attend? To go along with this, how do you arrange the big event around everyone's schedules?


- My family loves to dance so we are having a DJ we are doing a dance.

- Listen to any feedback about what people liked and didn’t like about prior reunions and try to accommodate that. Easier said than done, I know. Also, being able to attend financially can be an issue. If there is a particular group that would have a hard time traveling, hold the reunion close to them. Fun themes and personal invitations always help, too.

- Having activities that everyone enjoys

- Have something for all age groups

- As I mention is my event planning guide book, “Select activities everyone will enjoy, from the little kids to the elders of the family.” Assign each family member to a department that is compatible with their particular skill set and interests. Getting everyone involved in the planning process is the means to getting them there. Get excited, excitement is contagious. Talk it up, talk is viral. Ask for suggestions, suggestions are proactive and interactive.

- Do a survey. Let them tell you what they are interested in.

- We picked the closest weekend to my grandmother's birthday so everyone would remember to save that time for the reunion.

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