How do you generate excitement?

We are having a hard time getting people excited and invovled. We have family all over and have tried to link up everyone on Facebook but can’t get them to respond. We've been posting pics and are building showers and baths at the old homestead. We will have a zipline for young and old and LOTS of games. Still no responses. Any ideas?


- I’d start giving stuff away, like for the person the post more pictures will get a 8x10 pic

- It may be that some need a little help getting online and entering the social network. Until then send out invitational flyers initially. Make phone calls and visit others. You may know which family members tend to communicate most with others. Ask one to encourage the other. Consider giving yourself plenty of time for planning. Some begin preparing two years in advance. This will give you time to draw them all in on the planning process.

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