How do you establish a reunion tradition of attending?

How do you establish a reunion tradition and get family members to count on and plan for the reunion each time?


- We hold a meeting during the reunion and open the floor to get volunteers for the next reunion.

- Find activities that everyone enjoyed and find ways to incorporate them every time.

- When considering the theme, activities and location, get everyone involved. Include activities everyone will enjoy. Be open to suggestions and solutions. Those who make the more practical suggestions should be considered when assigning volunteers to head up various departments. Regarding major departments, consider keeping the same volunteers for each event. Remember to give kudos to volunteers at every opportunity, even mentioning them in the closing program acknowledgements and newsletter. Help those who may have a bit of a struggle preparing and attending. Give advance notice regarding the event and activities and send out updates periodically. Give good clear location directions as well.

- The tradition has always been to host every other year, so I have personally kept that up, maybe not including all but doing something. I made a family tree back in 2001 and we are updating this year. So I personally am taking on keeping the tradition and memories alive.

- I think you have to figure out what "your" family values....Families are so disconnected these days, with everyone spread out across the country.

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