How do we get adult time with so many little kids?

There are LOTS of little kids at our family reunions. How do we make sure the kids are taken care of but still have some uninterrupted adult time, too?

- Have the kids have their own section and adults but still be able to watch them

- We got some local young women to come play with the kids so we could hang out together. It worked great.

- We asked if there was someone who loved kids but did not mind watching them when it was adult time. I am going to give them a special gift, whether money or item still up for discussion

- What we normally do for the kids is have a movie and game night.

- Have some locals come do arts & crafts with the kids, or maybe have a kids movie night with locals teens in charge.

- We try to schedule the kid friendly activities early in the day. This year, I'm trying a "kids only corner". Crafts, (that will be used for Saturday's picnic) coloring, etch-a sketch, balloons and pool time to wear them out before bed.

- It's a good idea to plan structured events for the children. Create an activities committee headed by teenagers and young adults. Also, events that pair an adult with a child.

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