How do we avoid sorrowful conversation?

by Carol

I need ideas for lighter conversations and suggestions to avoid a sorrowful reunion. There have been numerous family losses this year. Tomorrow's reunion will be smaller meeting of families and quick meal.

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Mar 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Try games like customized bingo with the family members part of it. It will allow for special occasions, graduations, weddings, ad other events to be talked about.

We do it all the time, it's a great ground breaker..

Nov 09, 2010
Stay busy.
by: Lydia

First of all, my heart goes out ot you and your family. Family losses are never easy, even if/when they're expected.

Rather than trying to avoid the topic completely, I would recommend a dedicated moment of silence, special prayer or memory-sharing session. There are likely unanswered questions or lingering thoughts that family will have on their minds and if you give them chance for expression, hopefully it will be easier to move on.

Perhaps you could find a way to honor the losses. Incorporate a deceased relative's favorite activities into a family service project. Allow family to write their memories or feelings in a special journal or book.

Once your losses have been noted, here are a few thoughts for keeping positive conversations going, to ensure a fun family reunion, rather than a mass mourning session -

* Be prepared. Scatter the luncheon tables and other areas with conversation starter questions appropriate for your family.

* Play games. If games aren't your family's "thing," figure out something different that will help your family have FUN together.

* Keep things moving. Have an agenda or plan with little down time or major lulls. It'll keep people occupied with the task at hand, rather than letting their thoughts (which lead to words and actions) wander.

I wish you the best of luck!

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